Fibre Channel: A Comprehensive Introduction

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7.5" by 9.25", 634 pages, 221 figures, 211 tables, list of figures, list of tables, index, bibliography, glossary.
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Since it first appeared, Fibre Channel: A Comprehensive Introduction has been accepted as the de facto reference manual for the industry. In this one convenient resource book, an exciting new area of technology is explained and illustrated - for beginners and experienced professionals alike.

With more 400 figures, tables and illustrations, Fibre Channel: A Comprehensive Introduction provides both a cohesive overview of Fibre Channel technology and practical details for professional application. It provides information and explanations not found in the industry standards, and can broaden the understanding of even the most skilled Fibre Channel user.

From the Fibre Channel basics to the physical interface, data encoding and framing protocol, Fibre Channel: A Comprehensive Introduction is the must-have resource for every user.

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  What Readers Have to Say:

"Robert Kembel is one of the most respected authorities on Fibre Channel technology and one of Solution Technology's most requested Fibre Channel instructors. His books are so detailed, accurate and complete I acquired the rights to use them in all our Fibre Channel seminars. I highly recommend this book if you need to learn, design or troubleshoot Fibre Channel systems."

Dave Deming
President, Solution Technology,
President Fibre Channel Industry Associatio


"Robert Kembel has done an excellent job of thoroughly covering and organizing the powerful and complex topic of Fibre Channel technology. This new revision builds on a solid foundation and covers recent advances. Our clients worldwide find this book exceptionally useful in learning and applying Fibre Channel technology in their businesses."

Ed Frymoyer
CEO, Infinity I/O Inc.,
President emf Associates, Inc.


"Robert Kembel's book is an excellent complement to the Fibre Channel standards document. It is written in a readable style that is technically complete, yet clear. This book serves as both introduction and desk reference, useful to novice and expert alike."

Jan Dedek
President, ANCOT Corporation

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